About this weather site


The weather station I use is a Wireless Vantage Pro2™ with 24-Hour Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield, Product number:6153.

It consists of an outdoor unit that sites on my roof which contains the rain counter, temperature sensor with a fan, solar and uv sensors and the wind annometer.

There is an indoor console which is wirelessly connected to the main unit on the roof which sites in my garage and I do not really use it except it has the USB interface which is used to download the data from the weather station.

Additional Hardware

Along with the weather station I use a couple of different separate peices of hardware.


I wrote my own software in c# to read the data from the weather station console (every minute) and parse it and store it in a Microsoft SQL server database.

I have also written my own software for the Blake-Larsen sun recorder and the cloud watcher. These also update every minute.

All of the apps that communicate with the hardware and the web site (old style asp.net web forms) runs on an old server running Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2016.